40 Community Hours Required for Diploma

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Summer is a great time to volunteer and complete this diploma requirement.  Recording cards and the information brochures are available on the Guidance bulletin board outside the HHSS main office.  Email Chris Duchene if you have questions or concerns.   chris.duchene@tldsb.on.ca … Read More


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The late bus will be running again on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning next week. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the late bus on these days, leaving the athletic complex at 5:30pm and stopping at the Youth Hub, … Read More

Summer School – July 2019

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The Virtual Learning Centre is offering TLDSB students the following courses.  ENG3C, ENG3U, ENG4C, ENG4U, CHV2O and GLC2O.  All TLDSB students are required to register through their guidance office.  Registration for summer school is not completed online.  Students may select … Read More

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