Late Bus Offering!

There will now be a late bus offered to students wishing to participate in after-school activities, sports, clubs and/or extra help sessions. The late bus will operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week as long as there is sufficient ridership. It will leave the athletic complex at 5:20pm, with stops at the Hali Youth Hub, the West Guilford Community Centre, the Jug City in Carnarvon, and the Tim Hortons in Minden. Should demand be there, we will look at a late bus to Wilberforce, Harcourt and Cardiff as well. To be able to board the bus, and for covid-19 tracking, students must pick up a boarding pass at the main office on the date they wish to take the late bus. Let’s take advantage of this awesome opportunity, Red Hawks! The first late bus is on Tuesday this week!