Red Hawk Varsity Boys Hockey Buyout Supports our Local Heat Bank Haliburton County

Tuesday, November 19th, our Red Hawk boys varsity Hockey Team has their first home opener game of the year against the Crestwood Mustangs and students have a chance to buy out during period 3 and 4 to watch the game. Another buyout option students will have is to go to the theatre to watch the movie “The Lion King”. All they need to do is bring $3.00 to their period three teacher by next Monday and they’re in the door to see the game or view the film.

In promoting kindness and school spirit here at HHSS, together, please support our hockey team as we bring the heat for another season. Our varsity boys hockey team in community partnership and support of Heat Bank Haliburton County will be welcoming donations at the gate for our opener. 100% of all donations will stay in Haliburton County to help heat the homes of our own less fortunate in times of need during vulnerable cold winter months.

Here are a few fun fan events to try at the game to raise donations for the Heat Bank:

Chuck a puck for a buck! Pick your puck and give it a chuck for center ice at half time to possibly win a
prize. You can also win a puck to chuck by showing your school red and white spirit along with displaying positive cheering at the game.

Win a prize for school spirit at the game by gearing up in your best red and white or make a spirit sign
that shows great positive cheering for our school.

We are also having a ticket raffle at the game. Buy three raffle tickets for a toonie or better 10 tickets for
a five dollars and possibly win a draw prize at the game.

Lastly there will be potential door prizes waiting for all fans who attend the game. Write your name on
the back of your game ticket and hand it in at the arena door. You could be a lucky winner during our half
time draw.

Always remember we are all on the same Hal High team so lets go make a difference for our school and
community by kindly bringing the heat together next Tuesday! Go hawks Go!