Light It Up Blue For Autism – Thursday, April 5th

Light It Up Blue, which is annually celebrated on April 2nd, will be celebrated at HHSS on Thursday April 5th this year due to the Easter Holiday!
We encourage our community to drop in to the school to support this wonderful cause by purchasing some bake sale treats or a raffle ticket to help us achieve our fundraising goals!  We use the money raised to plan an awesome trip for our Practical Academics and Life Skills class and we donate some of the proceeds to Autism Ontario – Peterborough Branch.

As an incentive for our fundraising, we have a lineup of staff ready to do some interesting things as we reach each of our goals.

$200 – Mr. Morissette will wear the famous BLUE man suit and BLUE tutu
$400 – Mrs. Borgdorff will be BLUE duct taped to the pillar in the foyer
$600 – Mr. Fockler will have his beard shaved off
$800 – Mr. Belton & Mrs. Thurley will be singing karaoke
$1000 – Bug/insect eating competition between Mr. Marsden, Mr. Gaffney, Mr. Waito, and Mr. Longo
$1200 – Mr. Rieger will get a TATTOO!!

Please come by on April 5th and show your support! And don’t forget, WEAR BLUE!
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