Light It Up Blue for Autism

This Friday HHSS is celebrating “Light It Up Blue” and raising Autism Awareness with a day of FUN fundraising! There will be a bake sale, raffles, and nail painting! As an incentive for our fundraising, we have a lineup of staff ready to do some interesting things!

$200 – Mr. Rieger has his beard shaved

$400 – Mr. Duhaime has a bucket of BLUE ooze dumped on him
$600 – Mr. Belton wears BLUE morph suit, BLUE tutu, and BLUE afro for a day
$800 – Mr. & Mrs. Klose wear bug helmets filled with live crickets
$1000 – Mr. Waito sings Karaoke
$1200 – Mr. Marsden sleeps on the roof of the school

Half of the money raised goes towards special activities for our Practical Academics and Life Skills class and the other half is donated to Autism Ontario – Peterborough Branch.

Feel free to pop by and buy a brownie, a cookie, or make a donation.