Through the active participation of Members, the School Council shall improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the educational system. The School Council’s primary means of achieving its purpose is by making recommendations in accordance with Ministry Regulations to the Principal and or Board and to:

  1. Communicate regularly with parents and members of the community to seek their views and preferences with regard to matters being addressed by the School Council, and to report on the activities of the School Council to the school community.

  2. Assist in selection criteria and placement of Principal and Vice-Principal and to review reports on how School Council’s advice will be taken into account.

  3. Ensure all approved School Council business expenses may be paid through the Principals Instructional School Budget and subject to the Principal or designates sole discretion.

  4. Ensure all fundraising activities shall follow Board Procedure OP-6016 AP review date 2006.

  5. School Council will comply with all Ministry and Board Memorandums and Regulations.