Student Welcome Letter-September 2021

September 04, 2021

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

First, we hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well. We have prepared for your child’s return on Tuesday and rest assured that our staff are excited to see your child in their classroom, and have safety and well-being for everyone as a priority. We appreciate your patience as we planned for students’ return. We are encouraged that we are well on our way to a more ‘normal’ school year.

We all know that this return to school is much anticipated after a year of interruptions and restrictions. Many of the processes in place last year will remain, while a few changes will occur. What will be the same, however, will be our care for our students and our continuing high academic expectations.

Here are a few important notes:

  • All students will begin school on Tuesday September 7th at 8:50am.  Designated doors for entry into the building have been listed below for review.
Students’ Last NameEntry/Exit Doors
A → GMusic Room Doors
H → NRoom 7 Doors
O → ZAthletic Complex Doors
AnyoneFront doors
  • Grade 9 Orientation – we have planned some exciting welcome activities on Tuesday Sept. 7th for our grade 9 students to assist in their transition to HHSS.
  • Each student will take 2 courses per day:  one in the morning – 150 minutes with a 10-minute break and one in the afternoon – 150 minutes with a 10-minute break.  Within this daily schedule, classes will also have a 75-minute independent work period to complete course programming.  There will be two staggered lunches–students are to either eat lunch in the cafeteria with their class cohort, or they may go out for lunch.  Our cafeteria will be in operation this school year with a modified service schedule and modified menu, both meeting local Health Unit protocols.
  • While cafeteria services are available, parents may send students with lunches and refillable water bottles. Although drink fountains are closed, our bottle refill stations are open.
  • When students arrive at school, prior to their first class, they are to proceed directly to the room in which that class is scheduled. After the first bell rings, doors will be locked and entrance must be made by calling the main line at the school. Parents/visitors will not be allowed in the building for the month of September as we re-establish routines.
  • Cloth masks are mandatory at all times in the building and encouraged outside when physical distancing is not possible. Please send two masks each day with your child. There will be physical distancing in school common spaces such as hallways and washrooms.
  • There will be enhanced cleaning protocols and HEPA filter units have been placed in classrooms that are without mechanical ventilation.
  • Lockers and hallways – lockers will not be used and students are not to loiter in hallways.
  • Hand hygiene – to be reviewed with students, with regular opportunities to sanitize hands.
  • Bus protocols – students will be expected to wear their masks, sanitize their hands and sit according to the seating chart.
  • Parents are reminded that every day, students must complete a covid-19 self-assessment prior to attending school. Please visit every morning. If directed to self-isolate and/or to be tested, students are to remain home. Parents must then call the school to inform us of the nature of the absence. Remember- if unwell, keep home and consult a medical practitioner as needed.
  • Course changes will be very limited and we encourage changes to be made before the end of next week. Please email [email protected].
  • To view student schedules:

Step 1: Login to PowerSchool (

  • The username is the student’s six digit student number.
  • The password is their date of birth entered as mmddyyyy. For example, a birthdate of January 07, 2000 would be entered as 172000. Do not enter leading zeros nor zeros or “/“ between numbers.

Step 2: Once logged in, select My Schedule in the left column, and then Week View. Step 3: In Week View, students’ first and second class (quadmester one) is displayed. Step 4: Clicking on Matrix view will show all courses.

  • Student Information – Please ensure that we at have up-to-date and current student information, in order to allow our school staff to communicate with you via text, email, or phone.  Please contact the school to update as necessary.
  • Return to School Plan 2021 for Families: if parents and students have not had an opportunity to examine this document, please take a few minutes to do so, prior to your son or daughter returning to school. 

We post all important events and information to our school website at:  The school’s Twitter account – @HHSS_RedHawks and Instagram feed – @halhigh and Facebook page – @HaliburtonHighlandsSecondarySchool give great insight into school events and student activities – please follow us!

School Contact Information – For general inquiries, you can email the school at [email protected].  To connect with us regarding attendance information for your student, please email or phone us. You are encouraged to call or email the school if your child is away to avoid receiving unwanted automated attendance messages.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at the school with any questions, and again, we look forward to seeing your child!


Chris Boulay-Principal