Interact Team Holiday Shoebox Event

Hey there Hal High, as many of you know this year has been challenging for a lot of people. The Interact team wanted to make this holiday season a little extra special for teens in our community. So, the Interact team is running their annual Holiday Shoebox event, and they need your help! You may have noticed a box in your classroom; these boxes are for collecting any brand new hygiene items, clothing items, entertainment items, unused gift cards, etc. 

In addition to collecting items, we thought we could make the collecting of items a bit of a fun school-wide competition!  All classes are split into two competing teams: team Boulay vs. team Mills.  The items that your class collects have corresponding point amounts. The more points your class earns, the greater chance your class can help raise enough points for your school team to win.  Once your school team wins, you get to see various staff members perform some pretty funny tasks!  Stay tuned for some upcoming videos that will help explain more about this great initiative!  Let’s get in the spirit of giving and spread some holiday cheer!