Next Block/Octomester Begins Friday October 16!!

Block two (our second octomester) begins this Friday, for all grades.

Here are the instructions to access schedules online:

Step 1: Login to PowerSchool (

The username is the student’s six digit student number.
The password is their date of birth entered as mmddyyyy. For example, a birthdate of Feb.12, 1998 would be entered as 2121998. Do not enter zeros or “/“ between numbers.

Step 2: Once logged in, select My Schedule, and then Matrix View.

Step 3: In Matrix View, the first class is designated as B1.

All students are asked to enter/exit through the following designated doors (according to which teacher they have next):

Music Room Doors Room 7 Doors Athletic Complex Doors
Ms. Carr

Mr. Merritt

Ms. Ingram

Mr. Gaffney

Mr. R.Gervais

Mrs. Thurley

Ms. Prentice

Mr. Dulong

Ms. Lloyd

Mrs. Searle

Mrs. Borgdorff

Mr. Dobson

Mr. Little

Mrs. A.Klose

Mrs. Scheffee

Mr. Caputo

Mrs. K. Gervais

Mr. Simpson

Mr. Fockler

Ms. Andress