Return to School Commitment Form

Prior to attending school, every family must complete the  TLDSB Return to School Commitment form.

By completing this form, you acknowledge that you will:

  1. Do a daily assessment of each child in your household each day before sending them to school;

  2. Keep your child home from school if your child has any of the symptoms listed in the daily health assessment checklist; and

  3. Understand that if your child shows signs of any symptoms on the checklist, they will be removed from the classroom and you will be asked to collect them from school.

  4. Send your child to school with a cloth face-covering/mask(s) to be worn throughout the school day and on the bus.

This commitment form needs to be completed once for each child in the family. The Daily Health Assessment must take place each day but there is NO requirement to report on the results unless your child has any of the symptoms on the health assessment. If your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are ill, they are not to attend school. Please report your child’s absence by contacting your child’s school.

Thank you for completing this form and helping ensure we keep our school and community safe.