Graduating Student Computer Accounts – Saving Data

Graduating students may have important data stored on the TLDSB network that they will want to download or move to their own data storage.

In order to streamline the process for these students, Technology Services has consolidated the procedures to follow for all data saving in a chart below.  Students moving to schools outside TLDSB can use the same procedures to save information they may wish to take with them.

Graduating Students are responsible to use the following guidelines below by July 31st of their graduating year if they wish to retain any data from TLDSB Tech Services systems.  After that time, data will not be available to them as networks are cleaned and prepared for the coming school year.


Application How to Export Data
Google Accounts ●      Students should open personal Gmail accounts should they want to continue to use Gmail services.

●      Students should use Google Takeout to export a copy of the contents of their Google Drive.
This export can be loaded into their personal Google account.

H: Drive

(Network Login)

Students should save all content to an external storage device.
Brightspace Content Content will not be available after the course is completed.

Students should keep copies of submitted assignments.