16 Annual Great G7 Grain Challenge

We have kicked off the 16th Annual Great G7 (now called) “Grain” Challenge! Every year the G7 Student Senate holds a friendly competition between all 7 high schools in TLDSB to see which high school can raise the most grain products over two weeks. The grain products get donated to local food banks throughout the region. Our goal for this challenge is to donate as many grain products as we can to the food banks, who do so much for so many people in our communities. Last year Hal High won the Pasta (now called “Grain”) Challenge with an amazing 3,612 boxes of pasta as well as 13,067 boxes raised overall! With those amazing numbers as our target, we aim to raise more than last year! With that in mind, please donate to this amazing cause. Donations of regular grain products are 1 point in the challenge, while donations of whole wheat grain products are worth 2 points. Examples are cereal, crackers and oats. All donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated. The challenge ends on February 26th. So let the competition for the coveted “Grain” Challenge trophy begin!