Your Voice Matters

We want to hear from you!
At Trillium Lakelands District School Board we want to know what we’re doing well and how we can continue to improve our schools. To do this we want to hear from you, our valued stakeholders.

We’re using Thoughtexchange – an online stakeholder engagement tool – to help us better understand your thoughts and priorities at this time.

Step One – Share: April 12 – 24, 2016: On April 12, you will be able to register for our Thoughtexchange by clicking here . After registering you will be able to share your thoughts to some important, open-ended questions. You will have until April 24th to complete this step.

Step Two – Star: April 29 – May 8, 2016: On April 29, you will be invited to star (prioritize) your own thoughts and some thoughts from other community members. If you participated in Share, you will automatically be sent a Star invitation. If you are new to the Thoughtexchange, you can register through our website. You will have until May 8 to complete this step. 
Step 3 – Discover is when we will communicate back the prioritized thoughts we have heard from you.

Please know your identity will remain private throughout this process, and your name will never be associated with your input.

We greatly appreciate your time spent engaged in this process. Thank you for your support!